Old Age Energetic

Lively Exuberant feeling the smell, colour, the beauty of nature a few more days. A new journey of colourful life . We can do, we have many ways to give pleasure to the elderly in the hut. Moreover, if the elderly patient has difficulty in caring for you, give it to us.

Learn More About Us

We are the registered unprofessional organizations whose job is to perform with the elderly. We have eight years of experience in seniors housing. We are a member of the “ All India Senior Citizen Confederation (AISSOCN) ”. Seniors holding advantage card from ‘ Help Age India ’ get financial benefits in case of a short stay at our accommodation. Our services are-

Short term residence



Senior Citizen Beauty Contest

Elderly Person divan

Fulfilment of Wishes


Non-residential Membership

Interested elderly people, who want to make our accommodation as their second home can become a non-resident member with a deposit of some money. The advantage of this is to join our group- you are the member of this Thikana Shimla. You will get many benefits to stay with us in future. If you are sick, we will bring you back home and take good care of you. You get a maximum of 30% discount on our expenditure.

Short term Residence

Everyone in the house needs to go somewhere far away for a few days or months. The sick old man in the house to stood in the way. You can't live or rely on anyone else. Every relative are busy at home. then ?

Medical Partners

You are a long lonely citizen. You need a proper treatment or operation. It is not possible to do yourself, contact with us.. We will bring you back from your residence and care for you properly then we will send you back at your own place. That's why it is not necessary to become a member of our group. Any Indian citizen can hold this advantage.