In House Entertainment / Event Management For The Elderly

In-House Celebration of birthday, marriage anniversary, community get-together, friends meet, organization of condolence, etc.

  •     FOOD

Two types of slot:

  1. Breakfast to afternoon high tea – DAY SLOT (9 am to 4 pm)
  2. High tea to Dinner – EVENING SLOT (4 pm to 9.30 pm) You can book

The procedure of booking:

  1. At first talk over the phone to get knowledge about the program
  2. We will ask you something about the availability of electricity, water resources, road passage for our vehicle, your floor,
  3. If your setup is within the Kolkata PIN code, the rate will vary within Rs. 1500 to 2000 per
  4. The rate for the program outside Kolkata will eventually increase based on the
  5. The perfect rate will lie in the number of attendants and distance from our
  6. The minimum attendant should be 10, and a maximum of 30 Higher the attendants lower the rate.
  7. More remote means more
  8. The rate will be settled after knowing The confirmation will be sent through email and/ or WhatsApp.
  9. 30% of the total pricing will be paid at the time of booking, which is nonrefundable but
  10. After payment of your booking amount, we may visit your place to facilitate the arrangement
  11. The rest 70% must be paid within 48 hrs. of the commencement of the program. If the program becomes canceled from your end except for natural calamities, hospitalization, or the death of the host, a request for a refund or adjustment will not be.
  12. You cannot decrease the number of the attendant after full But you can increase the number maximum of 1 or 2. The extra payment has to be given at the spot in cash.

The menu:

The menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner will depend upon weather, season, availability of food raw materials, etc. In general, for breakfast, we will give you at least 8 items, including dessert. At lunch or dinner, you will get at least 18 dishes, including starter, main dishes, and dessert. In high tea or evening snacks of EVENING SLOT at least 8 dishes will be served. All dishes are limitless. Mutton, chicken, fish, egg, paneer – all be supplied. You can also ask about your favorite dish. We can tell you the final dishes 48 hrs. before. NO REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED FOR LOWERING THE PRICE BY CURTAILING DISHES.

The entertainment:

Entertainment will be giving by showing film show etc. through the projector, or by arranging music by the sound system. We can bring a harmonium after your request if anybody of the attendants wants to sing a song. We will also arrange a public address system.

The decoration:

The decoration will be done according to your program subject. The decoration of friends’ get-together, family meeting, birthday celebration, marriage anniversary, condolence will be different. Even the decoration will be changed according to your place. More space means more scope of decoration. At night extra light arrangement will be done.

Some other points:

  1. Everybody should follow the COVID
  2. You have to arrange the electric and water resources at your
  3. You have to arrange a cooking place with sufficient water
  4. The packaged drinking water will be supplied by
  5. You have to arrange the space for our vehicle parking, at least two, nearby the
  6. The sound system's sound volume will be a maximum of 65 decibels, following the Govt. rule. No request for increasing sound will be
  7. In the evening slot, the program must be shut down within 9.30 am following the Govt.


  • Every attendant will get a fabulous return gift
  • Leftover food will be given to the host
  • No residual debris will be left at the venue after the program is over. Your total space will be cleaned before our leaving. You need not arrange cleaning the space by another person. Please be worry-free


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