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We work with some people who are nubbed by the weight of age has lost the ability to do their own work. But at one time they were the workers of society. They have given a lot to society. These people are my family members. Service audio is becoming a problem for small families to keep these people at home for the rapid change of society. So, there is a special need to send them in community living. They are not throwing balls. So, it becomes a problem for the family to send their close relatives to good accommodation. According to statistics within the next few decades, every senior citizen of that time should be a part of community living. This problem has already been going on in Europe for a long time and the government is dealing with it. In our country so far the government and no special construction thinking has been informed about this. So the scattered houses are being built in a private or institutional way.

We have started a new accommodation for healthy and well of seniors- the name of this " Nripabithi Senior Living Accommodation ". It is possible to have a single room hare. Husband and wife can live together. Sick people can stay, but the cost will be a little higher.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for housing for your family as for example Whether the accommodation is just for a business purpose or it is managed by any organization. What services are they getting in the money they are taking, what is the quality of food, washing clothes whether the cost of cleaning the house is different. Then keep in mind what the other cost is. It is also to keep in mind the cost of medicine, physiotherapy, servent increases with age. Whether it is money as expenses, it is the responsibility of the doctor to see who is responsible for the treatment at the hospital. If he is very ill, will he send him home? At what rate will will the cost increase year by year. What will be the potential cost in the next five years? What is the arrangement for giving pleasure? You may have noticed that the cost of accommodation is low, but it takes a while to calculate at you can see that cost.

It of servent, washing increases highly that is an impossible cost beyond your control. To find out the exact cost or the exact value of the service ask for the phone number of the backpacker, who are staying at the accommodation and talk with him. There are the services we provide that are Sharing / Single room, individual balanced diet ( according to dietician's advice ) goes 24Hr, 24Hr hot waters, routine health checkup, Physiotherapy/massage / Exercise / Everyday washing, clearing room and washroom, Hair cutting, Shaving, Birthday celebration, T.V, different types of celebration etc. The cost you have to pay separately that is the cost of doctor from outside, hospital cost, special physiotherapy, medicines, diaper- airbed ( if required ), everyday usual like dresses, Oil, Soap, Paste etc.. It is better if you buy these and take them, otherwise if we buy them. We will take money instead of the bill. We sometime take you for a drive and you have to bear the cost. If you want to take him/her home for a while, we will drop and return him from home.

It is our responsibility to see an out patient doctor, take him to the hospital, post Hospital care and even mourh his death. It is not necessary to come for the man of the house. Get regular news with pictures on WhatsApp. We have many members whose live abroad. I keep in touch with them on guardians WhatsApp and mail. We serve the sick, elderly, mentally handicapped, demnetia people.

This accommodation is mainly suitable for working elderly / elderly. You can walk and exercise in the open air. This accommodation is on 110 katha (5.5 bighas) of land with lift, temple, generator set. Single, sharing, husband and wife stay together. Each room (15 'x 18') has attached bathroom with separate commode (5 'x 8'), box bed, two fans, seating chair table, side table, cupboard. Shops, markets, ATMs within one km. Railway station 4 km. Helper for 24 hours (subject to conditions), 24 hours hot water system, TV. Beautiful balcony, where you can sit and spend the afternoon. If you have your own car to go somewhere, turn around.

Suitable place for those who are bedridden or unable to move due to age or illness, dementia, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped elderly / elderly. The ideal environment to live in a one-storey house with a lot of space, including the temple, in a secluded, quiet environment in the middle of nature. Nanny for 24 hours, hot water, exercise or massage, if possible a little walk or spinning in a wheelchair - promise to save some more time. People are mortal, but they want to be well for a while before they die - that's what you want, isn't it?

Short term residence

If family members go out together for a while, they can leave the sick elderly person at home for a while. You can take our help for treatment. If any elderly person needs surgery or treatment, if you can't do it by yourself due to being alone, contact us and we will make it happen and leave it in our accommodation for some time and send it home. You can come and go alone or with your family for a while. You do not have to accept any membership or deposit.


We visit the elderly once or twice a year. Any senior can join. O website reader, if you are an adult, go out with us once in a while. There is no difficulty in movement, we will take care of it. If necessary, I will turn in a wheelchair. We also do day trips. If you want to go somewhere in a group, we arrange it. You do not have to be a member for this.


Only once a year the elderly picnic in our backyard with the winter sun on their backs. Any senior can participate in it.

Senior Citizen Beauty Contest

Every year we organize Senior Citizen Beauty Contest in Kolkata. Sixty men and women can join regardless. We are interested in judging the beauty of the minds of the elderly. The issues to be considered are as follows: body and health, realism, social thought, worldly knowledge, spirituality and contemplation, etc. There are two categories according to age. 60-70 and 71 and beyond. Men and women are considered as separate categories. Recipients of the award will be treated as ‘Enlightened Elderly’ or ‘Enlightened Elderly’.

Elderly Person divan

Push away the fear of death. Your life is yours. Why go to hold others accountable. You still have a lot of golden life. Studies on the elderly have shown that older people who live a dual life have higher quality of life, happiness and satisfaction of life than single people. There is a great need to cheat at the last age - one becomes the support of the other. Those of you who are alone, build a new house, get married or live-in. Love for Niden. Once a year we organize an event in Kolkata. Contact us if you are interested in joining.

Wish fulfillment

It is a project to fulfil the last wish of the dying old man - it is known from the name. Suppose an elderly person wants to go somewhere, we will bring him back in an ambulance with appropriate arrangements.

Day out

A few friends or family members can visit us here in groups. Food, entertainment - all arrangements are ours. People of any age can come. We do not have to be members for this. Costs depend on the top of your food list - per capita.

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